We have been blessed to add more technology at Kraybill each year!

Here are the newest items:

  • Additional Macbooks (laptops)!!! These were used to replace some older laptops for teachers and to provide more laptops for the mobile lab.

  • More Smart Boards!!! We received 1 Smart Board this summer for Mrs. Steffen and will receive several more in the next few weeks. The newest ones will go to: Mrs. Buckwalter, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Zehr, and several other teachers.

  • More projectors!! We've mounted projectors in five more rooms!

  • A document camera!! This "camera" is on a stand and connects to a projector. It will project anything you place under it (book, objects, paper, etc.) on the screen. Mrs. Wolgemuth already has one, so this is our second.

  • More new iMacs (desktops)!!! There are new iMacs in 3rd-4th grades!!

  • Smart Student Response Systems (Clickers)!!! These clickers allow students to answer questions with just a "click". Teachers can get immediate feedback from students to see if students are understanding what is being taught.